Glodok, North Jakarta. Our first shop, Tay Hao Tong, sells herbal medicines imported directly from China


Not only Chinese Indonesians, we became famous by the general public because of the herbal medicines we sold.


Stomach Relief Tjap Koepoe Koepoe Tay Pin San was finally launched as a general medicine and sold in all traditional outlets in Indonesia.


Production of our traditional herbal medicine is officially under the name PT Bintang Kupu Kupu under the brand name Cap Kupu.


Due to increasing market demand, we started to set up our factory which is located in Tangerang.


We began to expand our business to major areas in Indonesia such as Semarang and Surabaya.


Beside from traditional herbal medicines we also launched our new products, namely Vitamins and Disenfectants.

Logo Revolution

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