Latest NewsNew Product Launching - Tay Pin San Plus: PT. BKK continuously tries to provide better healthcare standard by introducing the new Tay Pin San Plus, for practical consumption, an excellent choice for frequent travellers who are always on the go.
May, 2013

Lebaran Travel Advisory Program: PT BKK, in conjunction with Marcy et Amie and Surabaya Police force, were engaged in CSR program, "Lebaran Travel Advisory."
August, 2012

Lebaran Travel Advisory Program: Worked with PT Telkom Indonesia to distribute the homecoming travel advisory, providing maps and traffic news in preparation for the upcoming Idul Fitri.
July, 2012

PT BKK Health & Environment Program: PT BKK conducted the BKK Health and Environment program, repainting under-developed areas as well as improving the sanitation system in areas with high no. of diarrhea cases.
July, 2012

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At BKK, we believe that both nature and technology possess the ability to improve human living condition, with just the right amount of balance between pharmacology and chemistry, along with the equipment of advanced technology, we have been delivering medical innovations since 1935. See what we have accomplished, what we do today, and what we are planning to do next.

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Product PipelineProduct Pipeline
From cough suppresants to anti-diarrheal medicines, our selection of pharmaceutical products utilize advanced processing technology to extract the very essence of natural ingredients, aimed at improving and preserving your health.

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