Our Vision

To become a leader in the field of natural product by delivering high quality innovations with strong commitment for social responsibility.

Our Mission

Equipped with abundant experiences and expertise, we are committed to improve the quality of public health by providing high quality natural products through widespread distributions.

Our Commitment

We are committed to producing high quality products and thereby, making major contribution to the public healthcare as a whole. We are also committed to continuous research and development, bringing innovations to satisfy the market demands. And finally, being one of the most experienced players in the Indonesian pharmaceutical industry, our widespread market penetration enables smooth and well-dispersed distribution, bringing our products closer to the consumers’ hearts and to the top of their minds.

Established in 1935, Cap Kupu has evolved from a small medical shop in the suburb of Glodok, North Jakarta, into a pharmaceutical manufacturing company with international capabilities, accommodating the Asian market such as China and Vietnam.

PT Bintang Kupu Kupu with the brand Cap Kupu started it’s journey in the world of traditional herbal medicines from a small drugstore with the name ‘Tay Ho Tong’ in Glodok area, North Jakarta in 1935.

At that time, to meet the need for traditional Chinese herbal medicines among Chinese Indonesians, Tay Ho Tong’s shop imported medicinal raw materials directly from China and Hong Kong and also sells local medicines.

Tay Ho Tong who is a pharmacist conducted a drug analysis to find which drug was the most effective and at that time he found the most effective drug to relieve stomach ache, named Tay Pin San or also known at that time. under the name Tjap Koepoe-Koepoe.

During 1935-1962, Tay Ho Tong became known not only among the Chinese Indonesian community. In 1963, due to its effectiveness as a stomach reliever, Tay Pin San became well known throughout Java.

Because of this, Tay Pin San’s Stomach Relief drug was finally launched as a general medicine and sold in traditional outlets throughout Indonesia. In 1971, PT Bintang Kupu-Kupu was established under the brand name Cap Kupu.

PT Bintang Kupu-Kupu aims to improve public health through traditional herbal medicine which will be passed down from generation to generation and prove that herbal medicine remains effective and safe for consumption from time to time.

PT Bintang Kupu-Kupu are able to produce medicines in various forms such as tablets, capsules, powder, sachets, granules, pills, and liquid sachets. Our products have been certified for Good Manufacturing Product (GMP), Halal, AMDAL, and ISO certification for Good Manufacturing Practices (CPOTB).

PT Bintang Kupu-Kupu is proud to carry out continuous studies in various natural ingredients, providing innovative breakthroughs to meet market demand for high quality natural medicines.

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